Teaching Method

Teaching Method

PLQ uses the methodology of “total immersion” in language learning. Total immersion is effective at promoting rapid language acquisition, and also helps you acquire an intimate familiarity with the culture and people of Guatemala.

11011779_776335425782586_6717321998913149974_nAt PLQ in Quetzaltenango, immersion learning has four dimensions: one-on-one instruction five hours a day; homestays (from Sunday to Sunday) in which students can converse with Guatemalan families; lectures and trips during which students learn about the politics and cultures of Guatemala; and a location in Quetzaltenango, a city which does not cater to non-Spanish-speaking tourists, therefore presenting another opportunity for students to implement what they have learned in the community.

At PLQ in Quetzaltenango, both teachers and collective members (teachers and staff with administrative and management responsibilities) are university graduates or current university students. All teachers at PLQ and at La Escuela de la Montaña have training and certification in teaching Spanish as a second language. Their interests and backgrounds are varied, but all share a common vision of social justice, sustainable development, and peace in Guatemala.

PLQ054During your first day of class at the PLQ or La Escuela de la Montaña, your teacher will assess your Spanish language ability with a written examination and personal interview. Based on your strengths and areas for improvement, your teacher will be able to choose appropriate materials and techniques for your language level, and draw up a class plan for the week. Your week’s activities will combine grammar learning, conversation, vocabulary building, and practice in reading and writing. Your teacher will also assign daily homework.

Teachers can also adapt the classes to most special needs that students have. In addition, teachers can dedicate class time to any materials you bring to class. Students and teachers do not have to spend all their class-time within the school premises; we encourage students and teachers to go to cafes or visit local places of interest if they wish. This can be a good way of engaging in conversation in a more informal setting and thus provide a good opportunity to get to know your teacher better.

The school in Quetzaltenango is accredited by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education and the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism.

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