Proyecto Lingüístico Quetzalteco


We are committed to quality language instruction in a context that gives students an awareness of the social, political and economic realities of Guatemala and Central America.

Our in-person program includes:

  • One-on-one instruction, five hours a day

  • Career-specific course options

  • Homestays
  • Small cohorts to adhere to social distance guidelines

  • Socially engaged lectures, film screenings, and day trips

Collectively owned by Guatemalan teachers, PLQ is a non-profit language school in the highlands city of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

PLQ has a long history of working in solidarity with human rights groups and social justice organizations in Guatemala, and aims to be a model for socially-responsible language instruction.

Proyecto Lingüístico Quetzalteco | PLQ

Spanish Classes Online with PLQ!

With PLQ Online, you can improve your grammar, pronunciation and conversation skills in Spanish through one-on-one lessons. We welcome new students as well as students who have previously studied at PLQ in Guatemala. Our professional, experienced teachers with the current technology provide the best study experience over the web.

Classes are offered Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm (Guatemalan local time).You can study for as many or as few hours as you like.

We have two different options:

Flexible Study Package

Buy a package of hours, use them up as you wish. With this program you may schedule your classes as you go. Your hours do not expire. You may start with packages as small as 5 hours. If you are not satisfied with your first hour of class, there is no charge and the class is free.

To get started, make a reservation by filling out the online form.  Please, do not send any payment before contacting us and receiving confirmation of availability.

Price for Flexible Study Packages:

Five Hours Instruction – $70.00

Ten Hours Instruction – $130.00

Twenty Hours Instruction – $240.00


Long Distance Immersion Program

Speed up your language acquisition by studying consistently. The structured scheduling of this program ( 5 classes per week, Monday through Friday) allows you to take 1 to 5 hours of class per day (same amount daily). You can reserve a space up to three months in advance!

Due to the above conditions, we can offer this program as a low-cost alternative to the flexible packages. In this program students pay to study per week.

Pricing per week:

  • 1 Hour/day   – $ 60.00
  • 2 Hours/day – $ 110.00
  • 3 Hours/day – $ 150.00
  • 4 Hours/day – $ 180.00
  • 5 Hours/day – $ 200.00


¿Que pasó en Guatemala?

One of PLQ’s typical weekly activities is called “Qué Pasó en Guatemala” in which we offer a presentation of some of the most important news items of the week. We’ll be continuing this tradition online for the time being. So, subscribe to learn about what happened last week in Guatemala.